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Cobra Class 4 Vs Cowboy 4500 Sewing Machine




Cobra Class 4 Vs Cowboy 4500

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Cobra Class 4 Vs Cowboy 4500 

When you’re researching leather sewing machines, you know that only the best will do. After all, sewing with leather can be difficult if you don’t have the right machine, but fortunately, there are tons of them on the market that do a great job. If you find yourself wondering about the Cobra Class 4 vs. Cowboy 4500 sewing machines, you’ve come to the right place. The truth is, these are both high-quality leather sewing machines made by reputable brands, so finding the right one shouldn’t be difficult.

The Cobra Class 4 Leather Sewing Machine

The Cobra Class 4 leather sewing machine comes in three versions. The Class 4 P is the premium package, the Class 4 S is the standard package, and the King Cobra Class 4-25 has electronic positioning along with the premium package. If you research the Class 4 long enough, you’ll discover that some of the best leather workers in the industry have called this sewing machine the “Dream Machine,” mostly because it runs so smoothly and it is so easy to operate.

The Cobra Class 4 sewing machines can accommodate leather from 6 ounces to 7/8 inch, which means they are perfect for bullet loops, chap leather, skirting, and all types of tack.

The heavy-duty multipurpose presser feet are compact yet strong, and they allow you to sew in small areas, which is required of a lot of leather projects. You also get a parts manual and an instructional DVD to help you get started, so you can get started right away. This is a huge advantage when you use the machine for commercial purposes.

You don’t even have to modify the presser feet as you do with some other brands. They do not break or bend when you sew with leather, and they’ve been recommended by some of the best leather workers in the world.

Heavy Duty Pedestal Style

In addition to the items already mentioned, the Class 4 sewing machine also provides you with a heavy-duty pedestal-style stand that has locking caster wheels, a model SR2 heavy-duty ball-bearing speed reducer, a total of 10 extra needles and four bobbins, a variable speed digital DC servo motor, thread stand, tools, and oil.

Some of the other perks you get with the Cobra Class 4 sewing machine include the ability to accommodate thread sizes from 69 to 415, a built-in bobbin winder, stitch lengths from 3 to 22 stitches per inch, a 28 LED super beam lamp, triple feed mechanism, and the ability to do reverse stitches in the same holes. The machine is 20” x 20” x 20” in size and weighs around 600 lbs., which makes it a very heavy-duty, sturdy sewing machine.

If you choose to get one of the machines that come with the premium package, you’ll get additional items that include extra presser feet, extra needles, three different plates, a heavy-duty roller edge guide, and a work platform, among others. You can also purchase these items separately anytime you’re ready, but keep in mind that the standard package provides you with enough items to begin using the machine immediately, so it is definitely a great place to start when you’re looking for a leather sewing machine.


  • 5-inch cylinder arm
  • 794, 7×4, 7×3 needle systems
  • Highly recommended by many leather professionals


  • At almost $3,500, it is a bit pricey for some people

The Cowboy CB4500 Leather Sewing Machine

The CB4500 leather sewing machine is super heavy-duty and provides you with all of the features you need to sew all types of leather and thicker materials. People use this machine for sewing not only thick leather but also bioplastic, fabrics such as denim, and even webbing. It can handle thicknesses of up to 7/8 inches and accommodates thread sizes of 69 to 415. It also accommodates needles from sizes 18 to 27 (7×3 or 794), and it has a maximum speed of 800 RPM.

If you sew horse saddles, you’ll love the CB4500 because it has a cylinder arm length of 16.5 inches and numerous presser feet, which are called harness feet by the Cowboy company. Horse blankets, horse clothing, and many other items can be sewn with ease with the CB4500 in your shop. As long as you use either polyester or bonded nylon thread, you won’t have to worry about it snapping or breaking in the middle of a job. Even better, the harness feet and throat cover plates are all made out of stainless steel.

When you purchase the CB4500 sewing machine, you get a motor and a table, as well as either regular or harness presser feet, a swing-away roller edge guide, several bobbins and needles, a throat plate, and matching presser feet, and more. The package of 10 needles will match your preferred thread size, and there are many other accessories that you can purchase for very reasonable prices. You can also use the CB4500 to sew animal collars and leashes, ammo pouches, weight belts, and nylon webbing tow ropes.

With this sewing machine, two other arm lengths are available: 9 inches (CB3500) and 25 inches (CB5500). All are specifically made for handling heavy-duty thread and sewing super-thick materials. The powerful servo motor, sturdy industrial table, and speed reducer are a few more of the perks you get when you purchase the Cowboy CB4500 industrial sewing machine. Even if you don’t purchase additional accessories, you’ll have enough items to begin sewing on projects immediately.

Specifications for the Cowboy CB4500

Some of the specifications for the CB4500 include a maximum foot length of 1 1/16”, both 7/8-inch and 1-inch large-capacity bobbins, a maximum stitch length of 3 per inch, a high-intensity flex lamp with a long neck, a high-torque servo motor with adjustable speed, and the ability to do reverse stitches in the same holes. The stand is height-adjustable and on caster wheels, and you can purchase the machine for $2,995 for the standard machine and starting at $3,395 for the machine with the accessory package.


  • Comes with enough accessories to start working immediately
  • Able to sew items such as weight belts, horse saddles, animal collars, and so on
  • Can accommodate numerous thread sizes and needles


  • Some people may find the price prohibitive

Which One Should You Choose?

It may be difficult to decide which one of these high-quality leather sewing machines to choose. Both are well-built and can accommodate numerous thick fabrics and materials, and both are also able to work with different needle and thread sizes. They are both made by reputable companies that stand behind the products, and they are both in roughly the same price range, even though the Cobra Class 4 sewing machine is a little bit more expensive.

If you’re interested in working with thick leather and other thick materials, both the Cobra Class 4 and the Cowboy CB4500 sewing machines can accommodate you. They are heavy-duty and very sturdy, and since both are made for industrial and commercial use, they can take a lot of abuse and keep on going. They are made to be used extensively day after day, so they last for a very long time. Regardless of what you’re looking for in a leather sewing machine, neither of these machines will let you down.

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